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Here's the beef!

Born out of frustration Fetish-Net UK aims to provide a complete Internet resource for the fetish community of the UK. If you have come here looking for porn and a cheap wank I'm afraid you will be disappointed, however, if you are looking for info, events, contacts, news and reviews regarding the scene then you have made the right choice.

Fetish-Nets' success is entirely dependent on audience participation, so don't be shy about adding your bit to the many online/real-time sections, share your knowledge so we can all benefit.

There are many people who are curious about the scene but have no idea where to start. Who do you ask? Where do you look? How do you find out where the clubs are? What is acceptable and what is not? Everyone started somewhere and now you can start here.

Scene Secrets

This is where you look to learn your stuff, share your knowledge, refine yourself and generally hang out. Be nice to the new guys and naughty to the old ones, you never know when you might meet....

Stamping Ground

Up to date info on clubs and events. If you know of anything going on that isn't listed add it yourself. Many of the smaller clubs rely on word of mouth to get patrons, be the mouth..

Touch Me

Touch me, I'm yours! Personal ads, exhibitionists, stories etc. No spam, no bullshit and no premium rate phone numbers.

To begin with some of the material content of fet-net will be leached and collated from other sources on the net. As we receive more content from the readership this leaching will cease. In the meantime please bear with us, and if you see something that belongs to you please let us know and we will remove it or seek permission for continued use.

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