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"If you have a fetish so intriguing that ordinary classified ads have failed to locate the gimp of your dreams, try Fetish-Net UK on, which is exactly what those who want to start out in the 'Scene That Celebrates Itself', often in shiny PVC are looking for (6/6)" - Escape Magazine Sept97

The aim of this site is to be the most comprehensive free fetish site in Britain, an ever expanding resource with contributions from its readers playing a major role.

Everything is explained in Beef so take a visit there to get the full picture of what we are trying to achieve. But first, you must read our disclaimer and be sure you understand it.

This site contains adult material and under 18's are requested to click here for a better place to hang out.

Due to popular demand we have now added a LIVE chat room. Check it out at Live Chat

So what's here for now? Well the best way to find out is to try it, after all, that's what it's all about right? Don't be afraid, explore and enjoy.

Fetish-Net UK is proud to have been accepted as a featured site on We hope this award will bring us many more visitors and help promote the UK Fetish scene in a positive way.

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