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Are You Experienced?

Run your tongue... Word of mouth is the best recommendation there is, so why not mouth off about an event you've been 'scene' at?

We're not just after reviews of major events though, any personal experiences that others might find exciting are also very welcome, this may include swinging, BDSM, clubs, one2one etc

Send your top stories and reviews to and they'll appear below very shortly.

You can also attach a photograph if it was taken at an event or of yourselves dressed up and ready to party.

La Republique Revisited - Easter Bash 98 (4/98) by MikeZB

Well it certainly was not the weather to travel to such an event, with floods, heavy rain and strong winds for most people to contend with. That said the turn out was fantastic with a very large crowd of both regular and new faces.

Maybe the bad weather was an added incentive for some to make the event no matter how bad things were.

Thingfish had arranged extra stalls (must have been the proximity of his father's birthday) which were well frequented in a lovely chill out area. There was the usual Deysre Foundation stall selling the interesting collecting of whips, floggers, cuffs etc. Quite a demand for them this night, piercing stall, body art stall - very very popular with the temporary work and a clothing stall too.

Roissy Dungeons had changed the equipment round slightly. Replacing the rack with a fancy bondage type bed which was very well used indeed. In fact you had to move around a bit to credit just how many people were able to 'test' the furniture at one time. I suspect this will become a very popular change. If there were a clock for use per hour I think the clock would have worn out for all the furniture given the amount of fun people were having.

As ever there was a timely buffet passed around by delectable slaves which vanished very quickly this time - no seconds for greedy Doms!

I think this club is definitely one for those looking to test the water in the club scene. Everyone is so very friendly - including the club staff who are part of the normal venue and not connected with La Republique otherwise. It seems to serve as an excellent place for everyone and helps those who visit other clubs keep up on news and meet both new and old friends and acquaintances.

The warm friendly atmosphere of La Republique helps make it a very popular venue and a 'must' for those trying out either public play or wanting to mix with like minded people in the scene. Definitely a place going from strength to strength.

© Mike Beck 16/04/98

Moonmans Dream (3/98) by MikeZB

Well it finally happened on 28 March 1998, an event for those who don't normally go into the public arena with regard to their private BDSM lives.

The event came about from comments on a UK BDSM newsgroup with regard to the fact that many might make the effort to go to a club event if there was no dress code as Fetish, or having to buy Fetish to get in, was not their ideal.

So Moonman and the Desyre Foundation got together to put on the event. Initially it was hoped to hold the event in an established club but unfortunately the organisers of the club in question decided they no longer wanted to run such a venue, or so I believe. So after much panic a new location was found still in the same Midlands town to happen six weeks later than originally planned.

The day came and there was even a munch (get together) during the day for those who had a shorter journey or were unable to attend the actual event. The local Inn saw an upturn for that weekend and the nearby hostelry was probably glad to see the back of us on the Sunday because of the poor service and food provided. Maybe we should have got our whips out?

The event was a ticket only party, fully sold out well before the day. We climbed the stair to the part of the club we were using to see a great spectacle awaiting us. The reception area had a piercing stand and an equipment stall (from a Bradford club organiser) with a welcome from some lovely Dom/mes and subs with advice on safety etc. Then on into the main area and wow, had Roissy Workshops ever had a tough time. All that kit up two flights of stairs - rather them than me on this occasion.

The equipment was by far the best ever seen in any club I have been to (La Republique excepted as Roissy tends to base there) and the new stuff had peoples imagination going wild, but the imagination soon turned to reality as everything was tested in a suitable manner........

Everybody was mixing in and introducing those who did not know each other to those who may not otherwise have realised who was who. This was possible due to the social munches arranged around the country in the weeks leading up to the night. Surprisingly for a non dress code event nearly everyone had made some sort of effort to dress up but nobody felt out of place and all seemed comfortable.

There were at least four stalls for those looking to buy bits and pieces, a very generous play area, a good chill out area which hardly got used and a reasonable disco with music laid on by the Owl whom is apparently well known in the North Midlands area. There was no cramped claustrophobic atmosphere though many did choose to congregate near the main bar initially.

The snippets of conversation overheard between the staff of the club hosting us was for the most part most amusing. By the end of the night at least one convert was trying out her Domme skills and others were asking more detailed questions and getting totally honest and open answers which pleased them.

La Republique had also made some souvenir T-shirts which are very comfortable and possibly the Moonman's Dream will become a collectors item in its own right. The owners of such T-shirts will get discount at the Easter event in Stoke if they wear them on entrance. No double discount for wearing both!!

This event gave me the impression that the scene is taking off everywhere in the country except London and the surrounding area. The explosion of interest and realisation that what is done behind closed doors has a lot of relevance to this event and for those wondering what BDSM is all about.

Moonman's will return. Of that there is no doubt, plans are already underway.

© Mike Beck

Mistress Chrissie's revisited (2/98) by MikeZB

Contact numbers: 0161 796 7695, ask for Martin.
When? 3rd Wednesday of each month. 9pm - 2am
Admission: £8.00 (includes light buffet - lots of it too)

Mistress Chrisie's moved to a new venue in February which, it has to be said, is worth the extra expense. The new venue is very easy to find with lots of good parking nearby.

Admission has had to go up from £6 to £8 to allow for the extra costs and a membership system is now in operation. Membership? I hear you all cry - fear not it is free for now and new sensible members are being sought. The reputation of being a Fem Domme club is out of the window and female membership is being actively encouraged to prevent an imbalance.

Over the last few months there have been many changes in attitudes and regulars which I think is of long term benefit. Newcomers are now more welcome and will find a warm greeting with the friendly renown Northern hospitality. I think I am right in saying that you will be made welcome and most questions and such will be answered fairly.

I have not given the venue due to silly behaviour which led to a visit at the old Bolton locale by Mr Plod. Martin asks that those interested in attending should phone him for further information - preferably not on the day the club operates.

The venue is very spacious with plenty of room for more people which we all hope will happen. The disco area is transformed into a roomy dungeon with some sturdy kit for the more adventurous. So the Dungeon is actually at the farthest and deepest part of the club. Back a room and you have the bar which is reasonably priced and also supplies cups of tea and coffee for those driving and not wanting fizzy drinks. Hidden away near the bar is a dark secluded snug room which on the first night in operation was used only slightly. I think the regulars were a bit in awe of such a large place.

The February night had an interesting mix of Masters, Mistresses, subs, TVs and transsexuals so don't be afraid of being the odd one out.

I think Mistress Chrisie's has improved dramatically in the last four months and the new venue can only add to a great night out for those in the scene and those testing the water at a club. I hope you all have fun.

© Mike Beck 25 Feb 98

La Republique Christmas Party (12/97) by Mikezb

As usual the second Thursday of the month was La Republique Party night, though this time with a great seasonal theme which was embraced by everyone who attended.

The aims of the event was to not only have their first Christmas Party but also raise money for the local AIDS ward and both were well satisfied.

I think everyone who was there will agree that by listening to the organisers request to turn up early, an excellent night was enjoyed.

Roissy Workshops supplied their usual high standard Dungeon furniture with some excellent modifications which I am sure will prove a challenge to other such suppliers. The equipment was never out of use.... in fact if enough money wasn't already being raised for charity I am sure tickets for waiting could have been auctioned for a turn on the various items present!

Although the Master from Roissy was busy playing in his own right this time, he did manage to give some ideas on safe, sensible and very decorative rope work.

Some of the events to create a seasonal theme included a live Christmas tree, a superb 'sub' Christmas cake with lovely waxy candles, and a visit by Mistress Christmas riding in on her special reindeer (the most bashful reindeer I have yet met, though his red nose was most cute) and accompanied by a trusted Elf. I'm sure we all appreciated Father Christmas not being able to make the event and letting his favourite mistress do the honours.

Every one pitched in together to help make this night work from club regulars to people on only their second visit to the club. The communal spirit was definitely in evidence with everyone doing as much as possible to help the organisers make the event work for all.

The infamous fruit bowl was much raided even with such an good seasonal buffet on hand later in the event.

Along with the usual Desyre Foundation equipment stall for those needing to purchase those little extras was a display of artwork by Slave Andrea which was quite impressive. I must remember to look at some more sometime.

© Mike Beck

Night Of The Bitter Rose (12/97) by Mikezb

Location:- Bradford
Dates:- Last Friday of the month 9pm -2am
Venue:- Underworld Night Club
Entry Fee:- Members £6.00, Non-members £8.00

To find this club is quite straightforward, aim for Bradford College/University and Great Horton Road runs alongside it. From the city centre end you want to find the first Fina petrol station which is just over a min-roundabout and directly opposite the club.

I have to say caps off to the organisers. This is another good club full of friendly and helpful people. There were some visitors to the club testing the waters for the first time in public and they were very impressed how they were helped to fit in with the crowd of habitual clubgoers. There were people from as far apart as Edinburgh and Somerset on this night.

Being December the organisers had a few events planned to spice the night up. Unfortunately, or not, they need not have bothered. There was so much going on by those present that the time to fit in the plans just was not there.

Like many such clubs in the scene, Night Of The Bitter Rose is involved in raising money for charity. Their currently goal which was met on this occasion was enough money for a special baby care cot/incubator for the local hospital. This was done by a raffle. The prize was a hi fi system and the winner caused a good laugh. The winning ticket drawn there was no immediate response and she almost lost her prize. Then finally - "Hang on- I'm a bit tied up at the minute" which she truly was!!

There were two stalls this night. One of equipment made by the organiser which was very impressive and for the most part of very good quality. Must get some of those cuffs and blindfold........... The second was by Cathouse which had a good selection of clothing and accessories available - almost as much as you might see at a similar stall in the Fetish Fair or Fetish Market.

The dungeon area was well equipped and definitely well used. There was enough seating in the club and bar prices were not exorbitant. However about the only place to leave your bags/coats was the kitchen area. As ever however this isn't a worry as I think tampering with property is not common in the northern clubs at least.

Changing areas. Ouch. There was a choice of two. The toilets - the gents floor was sopping wet with a detergent mix, or the kitchen which had a part-dry floor. This was the only drawback to a busy, fun-filled club.

The buffet was plentiful and had a good choice of foods and soon disappeared. We must all have worked up an appetite that night.

This is a good club. There were no posers to mess people about, unlike a certain club in Leeds.

Erotica 97 (11/97) by SM Elves

Venue:- 28th to 30th November 1997 at Olympia, London
Entry Fee:- £15.00 - £25.00 depending on day and weather or not purchased in advance

For the record the authors are in no way associated with erotica 97 - except that some people we know had stalls there :))

Well we had seen the ads, we had seen the web site, so we bought a ticket. Our tickets set us back £15 each which on the whole worked out to be good value. We would say that paying on the door at £25 a head would have been a little steep, but thats what you get for not booking in advance. You could have booked in advance the night before and collected your tickets there and saved yourself £10!!

The official information: taken from their website at
Erotica Ltd announce the launch of EROTICA, the FIRST EVER UK exhibition themed on EROTICISM. The British have throughout the ages been renowned for their polite, perhaps prudish manner.Britain is now part of Europe and changing attitudes. Britain is both ready and undoubtedly deserves the opportunity to visit an erotic extravaganza in the form of a Public Exhibition. EROTICA will offer stage entertainment designed to tantalise and fascinate the imagination. EROTICA will have exhibitors from within the industry displaying their products in a visually spectacular format.

We invite you to lose your inhibitions at Olympia, which for three days will become the 'House of Intrigue', incorporating an overloaded spectrum on the theme of erotica. This show will break new ground for adult entertainment in the UK.

Your day spent at the Erotica Festival will be fun, varied and eye-opening. You can shop for a stocking-filler with a twist, immerse yourself in culture in the Art Gallery, or perhaps your visit would be together with your office mates for a Christmas party. Whatever the occasion, Erotica '97 is a show to stimulate and scintillate.

EROTICA will take place from 28th to 30th November 1997 at Olympia.

EROTICA will offer stage entertainment designed to tantalise and fascinate the imagination. The top exhibitors from within the industry will be showing off their products in a dazzling and alluring display. As well as the formal exhibition and extensive stage area and catwalk will have fashion shows, special features and promotional activities, all augmented by a wide range of events for visitor entertainment.

Everybody associated with erotica will be there:- magazine and book publishers, satellite TV, film and video, art, clubs, entertainment, fashion and fashion accessories and holidays. The fetish scene, gay market, sex aids and safe sex will also be represented. Alongside the visual feast of the exhibition, shows, music and events, visitors will be able to pause for refreshment at the bars, enjoy a wide selection of food or sample further entertainment in the Erotica table dancing bar.

The themed bars and restaurants are guaranteed to provide the perfect piazza from which to watch the stage shows pulsating with excitement, or to visit between absorbing the intrigue of the exhbitors’stands. The organisers have ensured that while creating this unique erotic environment the exhibition will work fully within the parameters of UK law, thus Olympia will be covered with a ‘Sex Shop License’. The structure of the exhibition is targeted at visitors from 18 years upwards, partners and singles of both sexes and sexual persuasions will feel comfortable in the surroundings and the atmosphere of like-minded people confident of their own sexuality.

If you want to send your thoughts on erotica or anything else to do with the show: email: subject: Erotica Feedback

Well that was the official line anyway :) So what do we have to say about it all. Well our sexual background is diverse as we are both bi-sexual, have been involved in "recreational sex" with other singles and couples as well as enjoying the fetish and bdsm scene. So you would think that we could find something of interest. Thankfully, to our surprise we had a fantastic time. We met up with some net friends as well as meeting people we knew from the fetish scene and friends who we never "expected" to be there :) It just goes to show that everyone likes erotica/sex.

We heard reports from others saying it was "crap", "ok" and "great"!! So we attended with open minds and not over inflated expectations. After all the show only had a sex "shop" liscence not a sex "show" liscence so that gives you an idea straight off. We expected an oversize anne summers shop or a large scale fetish market. What we did discover was as promised a wide cross section of the sex industry. We saw everything from dildos to hot tubs (which we intend to purchase next year!!)

The crowds varied from "sunday sport readers" to "died in the wool perves" :) All milling about watching the catwalk shows, looking at the various stalls and eyeing each other up (not to mention the bevvy of wonderful exhibitors), who ranged from cloned barbie lookalikes to a rather hunky body builder type who during the course of the day had his nipple publicly pierced at one of the other stands.

We arrived at 1:15pm and left around 7:30pm having seen enough eye candy to put on several stone and having spent £200 and aquired a gorgeous henna tattoo each. We can't wait for the next one. A few figures for the statistically minded, the organisers expected 10,000 people over 3 days, there were in excess of 20,000. The event is pre-booked already for next year around June and its going to be twice the size. So to all the doubters and the prudes, you can put that in your pipe and smoke it!!

Shaun and Elaine (Elves on ircnet)

A Visit to Mistress Chrissie's (11/97) by MikeZB

Location:- *New location to be announced*
Normal Venue Time:- 3rd Wednesday of each month. 9pm - 2am
Entry Fee:- £5.00 (includes light buffet - lots of it too)

Finding this place is a matter of looking for Bolton Railway Station as it is very close by. Parking is not a problem with ample around the actual club. If travelling by car, memorise the map well, I thought I had and ended up on the road to Bury! Oooops. Given my rusty navigational skills maybe others will be more successful finding their way there.

Although the hours are 9pm to 2am I would not bother turning up before 10pm unless you want to change in the toilets before they get too wet. Life does not really start here until about 10.30pm then everything falls into place..... players, scene friends - the works.

If you are a single male going on the off-chance, forget it. This is a small, intimate venue where almost everyone knows each other from other clubs or private parties etc. This does not apply to the female of the species, though obviously most turn up with at least one friend. Even those new to both the venue and public scene. As everyone seems to know at least some of the others, introductions to those you don't know soon happen. It is quite friendly and the few new people were made quite welcome.

The Academy Club which hosts Mistress Chrissie's is quite small - for those who have been to Club Whiplash North, about that sort of size (but a lot more play and general chat amongst those there, not a cliquey).

However it is not too small. There is a small well equipped dungeon play area which was extremely well used during the night. In fact there was a small queue at one stage! Care has been taken to produce the right atmosphere with some superb removable mural drawings and the music supplied was acceptable.

The Buffet was available almost immediately. It was fresh and plenty of it, in fact on this visit there was so much I wished I had a doggy bag! For me that is an added bonus because of the time spent travelling to such lovely places.

My one contention for this venue was the security. It was minimal at best. There was an area for leaving coats etc. just inside the entrance but it was not supervised all the time, nor was the door which alarmed me somewhat. If you have gear, take it into the club and put it out of the way so no one will trip over it.

If you are going to visit this as a first time, do make the effort to say so at the door so you can be introduced to a few people. Don't expect the world here, it's definitely a place for those more in the know regards scene society in the area. So get stuck in at a club more regularly and you'll find this place great.

A new review will appear shortly but the venue will no longer be made public on account of a recent Police raid.

Review of La Republique (14/9/97) by MikeZB

Location:- Hanley, nr Stoke-O-Trent.
Normal Venue Time:- Second Thursday of the month (e.g. 9th Oct , 13th Nov), 9pm - 2am
Venue:- Mates, part of Ruby's.
Entry Fee:- Advance Members £6.00, non-members £8.00. On The Door Members £8.00, non-members £10.00

Finding this club can be tricky when unfamiliar with the area but I did not find this to be a problem. I asked some passers-by and security people at another club who were very friendly and helpful and they pointed me in the right direction and discovered how close I really was. They also advised me that if asking about for direction to ask for Ruby's. Ruby's is known locally as a quality gay night-spot.

SO what about La Republique? In a word - superb. I have been to many clubs around the country but this one puts them in the shade. The hospitality is excellent, you are accepted as one of the regulars even on a first visit. You find that people come to talk with you and that at no time to you feel left out. There was a high standard of effort to follow dress codes for such a club, putting other more established clubs to shame. What struck me most was how happy and relaxed all those at the club were, there were no sour faces, no pests.

The opportunity to mix and play with new friends is definitely there. Obviously that doesn't mean barge in and help yourself. I had opportunity to play but due to personal circumstance at the time, which some were aware of, I opted to avoid play as my feelings were still a bit mixed up.

The club itself is warm, well presented and very well maintained. The play area is large and well equipped, all the equipment having been made by a local Master. Worried about using the equipment through lack of familiarity? No problem. There were identifiable helpers available throughout the night to give a hand or advice as needed. Some of the equipment this night included a superb rack one of the best I have seen, an interesting version of a St Andrew's cross, a metal version of a Victorian flogging ladder, whipping/bondage stands, and one item I failed to ask what it was as I didn't see anyone use unfortunately. The play area is on a sunken floor in the middle of the club and is quite spacious. Around the play area at normal floor level are sufficient seats and tables if you wish to sit, talk or watch what is going on. The music is on all the time but is a good mix acceptable to all people and not too loud. The bar is well stocked and the staff, non-scene I think, very friendly too.

If you like fresh fruit to nibble on, there was some supplied - in the middle of the play area. Surprisingly there was even a light buffet supplied half way through the night. This was a good idea as it gave people a chance to stand back from their play (or vary it with the food) and talk to a few others they may not have had the chance to.

There were two stalls selling goods at the event. One was a Desyre Foundation stall (the organisers of the venue) selling those items which may have been forgotten or perhaps never got round to buying. The other was a local piercing studio stall selling various items of body jewellery, scene art, and fancy candles (well they were to me!).

As this is not normally a BDSM club the changing facilities were the toilets. Normally changing in toilets is not particularly pleasant. The gents, at least, were very clean and well maintained so the worry of the usual mess or smell did not apply. They are slightly cramped but when I was changing the other people there weren't bothered and in fact this was the first time changing in a club toilets I did not feel 'threatened'.

I actually wish I had a regular sub partner to take to La Republique, such friendly and helpful like minded people can only further any play between us.

Overall this club is a must. It is very well organised and thought out. Do the people in that area go on courses to be so friendly and relaxed? The hospitality and venue and excellent - do give this club a try. I don't believe you can be disappointed.

NOTE - This review is written by a Male Dom. who, due to circumstances, tends to visit clubs alone or occasionally invited to some by scene friends. It is a comparison of experiences and not meant as a professional review.

For more La Republique info visit the Stamping Ground

Review of Torture Garden in London (14/8/97) by Dirk_GB

This Torture Garden date relaunched a laudably ambitious project. The Complex, formerly The Paradise and The Block, in Islington is a sizeable venue and has been done out inside at considerable expense. The interiors are well laid out, well-equipped and spacious, the stairs the only bottleneck. The organisers used the space well, zoning the floors with different themes: an installation area, a dance floor, some stalls, a playspace and a cabaret with tables and chairs. T

The cabaret, organised by Nux Vomica who have a good reputation for putting on alternative and experimental entertainment and arts events, was running late and seemed disorganised and when the first band finally appeared we barely lasted out their opening tune.

The dance floor was busy and the music, I'm told, the best of any fetish club: I'm no great fan of electronic dance music but my companions seemed to enjoy their jigging about.

But the problem with promoting something on the scale of TG is that it involves bringing together disparate groups of people with often contradictory needs. TG trades on its perve appeal, taking its name from Mirbeau's sadomasochistic novel, but it can't rely purely on perves to pay the bills. So there's the fashion victims out to flirt with risque images, the goth and body modification crowd and a number of others for whom SM stands for Stand and Model -- plus of course the genuine fetishists, DS-ers and sadomasochists who themselves come in various subgroups, sexualities and flavours.

There was lots to look at, and that in itself can be fun. But the emphasis seemed firmly on satisfying the image-conscious rather than accomodating the needs of those with more practical interests. The best example of this was the playspace, which was large and equipped with hefty-looking crosses and stocks. Unfortunately rather than let the players create their own atmosphere the organisers provided loud portentous music and 'moody' lighting -- in the latter case, several Martin Scans set to comb the floor with beams bright enough to warn ships off sandbanks, makingg it extremely difficult to watch, let alone play, without being intermittently blinded. The problem was exacerbated by punters blundering across this large and open space on their way to the gents. But, hey, it looked good, and the house photographers probably got some faintly outrageous snaps out of their semiconsensual, admission-paying models.

Despite these problems, if you're into public play it's a big audience to play to, and that is the sort of reason that might tempt me back. Otherwise I'm still hoping for a regular, intimate mixed playspace of the sort that almost happened at The Anvil on some Saturday afternoons last year. Meanwhile, TG is best seen as a fairly comfortable and civilised -- if rather expensive at £10-£15 admission -- place to go for a dose of purely visual pleasure at kinky and outrageous costummery, and even I have to admit that some of the garden furniture was well worth a stare.


For more Torture Garden info visit the Stamping Ground

Dentures (A personal fetish) (24/8/97) by

I have rainwear coates and capes in plastic,nylon foil and polyurethane plus rubber garments as dresses, capes and catsuits as fetish.

I have another strong fetish, that is toothlessness and dentures. I would very much come in contact with people that enjoys thatand talk to them ,may be meet them. To have the plastic/latexgarments on and play with the plastic /latex over the gums on myself and a partner and talk withot teeth.

When travelling I often walk in to shops without teeth and ask the shopladies about the products. Once I went in to a shop and saw the most beautiful lady in the last twenties. She smiled and was a bit surprised when I was without teeth. She went away to look after the garments I asked for and returned ...without her teeth in the mouth....It ended up by her inviting me out for a toothless meal. She was married and enjoyed toothlessness with her husband.We ended our contact after the meal. There are some funny episodes happenning therefore I believe that I am not alone with this fetish.

I have only one friend that has the same fetish as I. I have heard of a lot in the states and I believe there must be some in England as there are a lot of bracelets fetishists.

Review of Mostly Harmless in Leeds (7/8/97) by Chainboy

Sexy as fuck If you didn't make it to Leeds for the Mostly Harmless night of fun (held at the Pleasure Rooms) you missed a good night out and a chance to meet some of the channel regulars ....

There was a munch beforehand at a local chinese ... but being late as usual I missed it!

Kerstin, RobinB, trina, MikeZb, and Futreman (with wifey) Elffs, ponygirl...and of course me! lil old chainboy! Futreman, on his first r/l outing was very lively - a right good laugh! and Robin and Kerstin were very welcome as the 'area hosts'. trina .... well, what can I say, she is even more stunning than her pics suggest!

The nightclub was well laid out and very atmospheric but needed more bodies ... so get your asses up there for the next one!

As people were a bit thin on the ground the club wasn't as wild as it could have been .... but these club events can only get better as they become established and more people attend .... and Mostly Harmless was only on it's second night.

Music was good and loud tho (possibly a bit too loud ... talking was difficult at times.)... and the dungeon area was well equipped .... as Kerstin, Robin and trina demonstrated!

Master Keith (from The Gate) put on an entertaining and mesmerising show with his delectable slave ... as did the young blonde stripper prior to his performance.

all in all a very good night and well worth the 4 hour journey to get there! though perhaps I will stay over next time and then be able to drink ... and take advantage of Robin and Kerstin's offer of food!

For more Mostly Harmless info visit the Stamping Ground

Review of Preaching To The Perverted (Film) (16/7/97) by

Preaching to The Perverted.
Directed by : Stuart Urban

From beginning to end this is an English Film. Its honest, down to earth and at the same time being completely over the top. Tanya Cheeks (Guinevere Turner) is an American Dominatrix in London, bringing her own army of subs and helpers to a "stylised" London Clubland for the fetish followers. The Moral Majority is championed by an MP played by (Tom Bell). The central focus of the film are the "trials" of a young man (Christion Anholt). His job to infiltrate Tanya Cheeks world and shut it down.

The Sets and costumes are what we all want to see and wear. Dream it and no doubt you will see it. The whole film is a riot from start to end, you will want to see it again and again to make sure you did not miss something. The film shows that fetish people are living their fantasies and having fun in a safe and consensual enviroment, as opposed to the repressed fantasies of the moral majority.

Miss this at your peril.

For further details check out the Preaching To The Perverted website at Http://

Review of Mostly Harmless in Leeds - The Launch (9/7/97) by

On Thursday 9th of July the city of Leeds celebrated its move into the modern world. The streets around 'The Pleasure Rooms' filled with people clad in Leather, Rubber, Uniforms and other fetish clothing as the seconds ticked down to 10 o'clock.

A variety of attractions awaited each with its own personal attractions, from the roomy dance floor to the fully fitted play room. For the firdst timers it was a perfect oppertunity to get aquainted other similar minded people, admire the wide range of clothing and enjoy themselves in a friendly enviroment.

A display of fetish clothing/equipment was provided Murray & Verne, who appeared to be having a sucsefful evening. A fetish fashion show was laid on by The Fetish Crew, to loud applause of the audience. The highlite of the evening, however, was undoubtably Master Kieth, and his Slave.

A display of BDSM that was wasted on no-one, was the reward of all those that watched enthralled. Gasps, sighs and happy murmurs could be heard from the audience, as they watched a true Master at work.

So, we had a great evening out, met lots of interesting and perverted people, just like us :) a pleasant atmosphere that tore down all the normal barriers we experience when we meet new people. The organizers obviosuly know how to arrange a good evening out, and have a damn good idea of what people want!

Where does it go from here ? Well the next night is planned for Thursday 7th of August, same time, same venue. You can bet that we will be there, and this time we are taking our equpiment with us! Why should we miss out on all that extra fun that is to be had ?

A great evening and a must for all like minded people in the Area! Make sure you dont miss out, and help support what has all the hallmarks of becoming a great and popular club in the North of England.

For more Mostly Harmless info visit the Stamping Ground

Quick Review of Club R.U.B. (23/5/97) by

A new club, a new venue and a new theme. The opening night of Club R.U.B. stomped into the Chunnel Club in Vauxhall and kicked ass with a themed 70's DISCO event. The dress code included OTT 70's style outfits and quite a few patrons made a real effort to look the part. Of course many chose to stick with the usual assortment of fetish outfits and some chose to combine the two.

The main dance floor concentrated on playing top 70's trax and although it took some time to persuade people on to the floor, once you started dancing it seemed impossible to stop. The second dance floor was home to the house/techno music and seemed to be losing out in terms of numbers to the 70's.

A reasonable sized playroom was provided although there didn't seem to be any equipment inside, however this didn't dissuade people from enjoying themselves and I'm sure anyone who saw the same session that I did will be wondering how *it* got so big!

The next event in June promises a Back To Basics night with dungeon equipment so we'll see what that has in store. Details as always available in the Stamping Ground.

On reflection I felt it was a great night, loads of dancing and fun and I think most people made an effort to dress up. Tongues out to the bloke who turned up in jeans!

Quick Review of the Rubber Nipple Club (18/4/97) by

The a new venue for the last RNC. Club Innocence was a good choice for this final bash even if it was a tad cold on first entry. Once again the music kicked off with some nostalgic 80's and 70's stuff, backed up later with some solid hardcore.

There was, however, a distinct difference in the atmosphere at this RNC, may be it was because people knew it was the last, or may be it was due to the different venue, but up until the time we left there was virtually no action in the playrooms. Everybody was being REALLY sociable (not a bad thing!!) and was standing around chatting or just dancing the night away. Possibly things changed after we left at around 2:45, if so then I'd like to hear about it :o)

All in all I felt it was fitting end to what was possibly my favourite fetish event. Kim has now launched a new event to replace the RNC which is fantastic as I'm sure all the regulars will miss it.

{Message to Kim: Thanks for all the RNC's and best wishes for all the Club R.U.B.s!!!}

Club Whiplash in April. (Name and e-mail withheld by request)

This was the first time for a while that Club whiplash had returned to its smaller venue at Adrenalin Village. The people at the door were extremely friendly for a new clubber.

Unfortunately the venue was very cold if you chose to wear pu or metal clothing. There was no heating to speak of, the passing of any person near was bliss (warmth). Changing facilities were the area between the portacabin toilet and the venue building - not particularly clever.

There are various items of well used furniture available for people to use for their games but in reality they were only used by the two dominatrix brought in for the event. It was promised as possibly having a little something as it was the Club's 4th Birthday too - nothing happened except a visit from the police to see what was going on which caused a mini stampede from the quite play area upstairs.

The music was varied and quite good on the dance floor but was so loud that ordinary conversation even at the bar was difficult. People were trying to mix and talk but most usually gave up after half an hour due to the noise.

Overall this has not been the best club I have visited, maybe the time of year and the colder than expected weather had something to do with it.

Certainly the fetish market on the Sunday was well attended and I met many people there whom I had chanced across from other clubs.

Take from this what you will... I admit to some disappointment but then I probably expected more from a club with such a high reputation. Other clubs I visited that week were far better.

I am not a public scene Dom normally, I have come out into the open due to the recent loss of my last sub... And haven't a clue how to seek a new one. Obviously such clubs are not really the place to go picking up, but they do enable your face to be seen and remembered favorably (?).

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