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Before you head off to the plethora of BDSM links, you might want to visit one of our Personal Services. The links below are here because their site/service owners feel that the product they offer is worthy of increased publicity and Fetish-Net are happy to endorse them.

It's no secret that the sites below have paid to be featured here, but all services listed here have shown themselves to be honest and legitimate. If you feel you have something to add to this list then visit Plug for more details.

There's not much here yet but keep checking back! The other Offsite Resource page is available from the bottom of this page.

Clothing & Accessories
These services relate to commercial sales of Fetish type clothing and related accessories.

Moda Exotica

Moda Exotica

Alternative clothing the fashion houses dare not design !! 
Tired of seeing the same mundane clothes ? Looking for that different item ? Trying to match everyday FASHION wear with that special feeling from .... feminine fetish clothing and bondage? Recognised that these two requirements have yet to be totally met  ? Want to try a range of items which solve these often conflicting ideals ?

Net Services
These services relate to the creation of web sites and or supply of internet services.

Psycloud Web Design Ltd

Psycloud Web Design Ltd

As the designers and hosts of Fetish-Net UK we can offer a very reasonable price on all Internet based services. Here is just a sample of those services:
Psycloud Web Design Ltd 10 MB Webspace
Psycloud Web Design LtdDomain name registration/hosting (all names including the new .uk set)
Psycloud Web Design LtdUnlimited E-mail addresses (with auto forwarding if required)
Psycloud Web Design LtdAll for as little as 350 inc VAT.

Visit our Website or send mail to for more details.

These services relate to holidays, tourism, events etc which may be of interest to the scene.

Personal Services
These sites relate to bespoke services, the personal touch so to speak.

Non Fetish Services
Not everything in life is fetish. These services may just help you out in everyday needs.

Offsite Resources

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