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Fetish-Net For Sale (15/4/98)

Press Release from

Fetish-Net UK has been online for 1 year now and has been a fantastic success. However, I no longer have the resources to maintain the site and things have noticeably started to fall behind. After much deliberation I have decided to take one of the following options:

Sell the site
It is possible to sell the site as is, including the server space, domain name, mail addresses, scripts and of course the current HTML.

Lease/Rent the site
The site can be rented or leased on a yearly basis with the same terms as above except of course it can not be sold by the lessee.

Real Sponsorship
Continue to run the site but with financial help from proper sponsors

Close the site on May 6th when it's current server/domain account expires.

Over the last year I have put in a massive ammount of time (well over 500 hours) trying to make it a place worth visiting so if you are interested in buying, leasing or sponsoring Fetish-Net UK please contact me ASAP.

Thanks for visiting Fetish-Net and making it all worthwhile.

Hellfire wins Erotic Oscar (15/4/98)

Press Release from The Hellfire Club

Hellfire in Glasgow has won the Erotic Oscar for Best Club and Event 1998.

The finalists were Hellfire, Torture garden and Mostly Harmless.

Hellfire came into existence slightly over 18 months ago with the doors of the first club opening in November 1996 at Nice and Sleazy’s in Glasgow, Scotland. Since then the club has continually pushed forward in trying to create the best possible events in the Scottish fetish scene.

After leaving Nice and Sleazy’s we move to Prince Armany’s. Because of the bigger premises we were able to put on events with much more spectacle. The pinnacle of this being the now infamous wedding of Fhionna and bunny.

The happy couple wanted to do something special, as well as share the day with as many friends as possible. Having been to Hellfire since it started they felt that it was the perfect place to hold their own service. The night ended up not only something special for Fhionna and bunny but a spectacular night which few who attended will ever forget.

This has been the mark of what makes Hellfire special. Anyone who wants to can be involved. no matter how big or small, how spectacular or restrained.

Hellfire has always been about the people involved. It ‘s the people themselves who have made Hellfire. There has always been an atmosphere of co-operation and a genuine wish to make the club succeed throughout the membership. We have created opportunities through social events for members of Hellfire to air their views and have a chance to shape the club. The social events have also acted to encourage those who might be nervous of going to a fetish club, to come along at meet a few friendly faces in a comfortable relaxed atmosphere.

The Scottish fetish scene is varied and widespread. It encompasses many designers, photographers, artists and writers. Hellfire has tried to promote this as much as possible by regularly publishing a directory listing of the people, groups and companies based in Scotland.

We have just moved to our third venue, YoYo’s in Glasgow and the relaunch of Hellfire in the new venue was held on Friday 3rd April. The night was a great success with many happy faces leaving at the end of the night.

Future plans include a UK summer tour, organising trips to various clubs through out the country. The Scottish leg of the tour however involves Hellfire co-hosting events with various groups around Scotland.

Within the next month or two we will be going bi-monthly, with a mid-week event in different venues. We have also been approached to help set up a new fetish club in Edinburgh which will work in partnership with Hellfire.

There is a definite buzz surrounding Hellfire and all involved are very excited about the future of both the club and the scene in Scotland.

Mistress Chrissie's made to move (6/2/98)

Press Release from

In January we were visited by the police allegedly looking for a known felon in the Bolton area. At the time they were 'surprised' to find what was apparently going on (nothing because we knew they were at the door) and initimated at trouble for the licensee via the local licensing authority.

It now appears a poison pen letter was also written to the police allegedly by a couple who visited the club in December. They claimed to be seasoned bdsm club goers and had been shocked and horrified by what was going on. Well I can assure all readers that at the December event nothing happened at all - there was little or no play and few people attending. In fact certain places in the London areas are far more 'active' than anything in Bolton...............

The result of this has been a warning to the licensee by the police that if such activities were to continue on his premises then they would object to any renewal of his license.

Therefore Mistress Chrisie's has moved to a new venue in Manchester. Those on the mailing list will get the relevant information before the next event. All those on the list plus those who are known attenders of the event will receive free membership. New members will have to be vouched for by existing members.

Illegal Link Prosecution (6/2/98)

Press Release from Lancashire Constabulary


A Lancashire student appeared before Preston Crown Court today in the first case of its type involving a prosecution from the publication of adult and child pornography on the Internet.

Twenty-year old of near Preston was arrested following a joint enquiry between the Lancashire force and the Metropolitan Police's Vice Unit.

He pleaded guilty to four charges of publishing obscene articles on the Internet, contrary to the Obscene Publications Act and another six of making indecent photographs of children, contrary to the Protection of Children Act.

a student at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, ran a UK based website with accounts with a service provider in the United States. His site was run for the sole purpose of providing links to other websites, including his sites in the US, where he kept extreme adult pornography.

Also found in a search of his home was extreme child pornography also downloaded from the Internet.

Following a Court appearance before Judge Reginald Lockett this morning, an Order was made for the forfeiture of all 's computer equipment.

will be sentenced on 4 February and has been told he is likely to be sent to prison.

According to Supt Martin Jauch from the Metropolitan Police, this was a significant prosecution proving that a hypertext link on the Internet constitutes a publication for the purposes of the Obscene Publications Act.

He warned: "Any attempt by a person in this country to escape prosecution by lodging material elsewhere will fail. It is possible, despite the difficulties, to use existing acts to tackle this type of criminal activity on the Internet."

"This has been a landmark prosecution which sends out a number of significant signals to anyone contemplating using the Internet in this way," he concluded.

FFI, please contact Supt Jauch on 0171 321 7751

Spank promotions split with Religion (18/1/98)

Press Release

Due to the demise of relationships both personal and business, Liz Lewitt and Religion The Clothes Shop are no longer part of Spank Promotions.

As from February 1998 'Club Dom' the sexier, sassier, more hard-core big sister to Spank will be launched - moving on from the six successful years of Spank nights. 'Club Dom' will create a more focussed fetish party night.

'Club Dom' will be hosted by girls on top:- Liz Lewitt, Bristol Queen of Fetish Fashion and Owner of Religion and Promoter of 'Love It', and Dominatrix Diana, Doyenne of the Dungeon.

The theatrical and thematic dungeon and playroom will be expanded and there will be a dance floor and seating area. There will also be a fetish stall or attraction at each event, a fashion scenario of new collections from Religion on stage at midnight at each event, and a theme for each party night.

The themed dress code is an optional extra, with the two best participants receiving free tickets to the next event. Forthcoming themes are 'Red and Romantic' in February and 'Military Mistresses and Masters' in March.

Date and Venue are yet to be confirmed, as new premises are being considered for a complete re-launch of Bristol's best Fetish Party Night. Contact religion, the Club Dom information Line, or the Skin Two Information Line for details of forthcoming events. A quarterly newsletter will go out through the mailing list, and any amendments or deletions already notified will be made by next mailing in March.

Thankyou for supporting the shop and club through the last seven years, and here's to fetish fun and pervery in 1998 with Religion and 'Club Dom'.

FFI Religion, 6 Perry Road, Bristol, BS1 5BQ. Infoline 0117 9041113

Forthcoming Events in Edinburgh (14/12/97)

Details supplied courtesy of

I want to tell you about our Edinburgh gothic scene that has a fetish side as well - and our nights and events - I am not an organiser just one of those who have fun and want the msg to spread a little.

Gothic / fetish Glam Night 28th December 5.00
Rocking Horse / Mission, Victoria Street,Edinburgh
Dress - black shiny leather, pvc, etc etc
Tickets from DJs in advance or on door

Gothic Nights and - Fetish Scene - Edinburgh
Saturday nights - Rocking horse Mission Level 1 3.00 ( + happy hour) open to 3am. Dress as above.
Sunday Nights - Mission ground Floor (free entry) + happy hour
Thursday Nights - DUST - mission Level 1 - (next after new Year) 2.00 + happy hour
Computer multi media, art, hot fashion and student crowd - all ages - arty or what!!
Hang out, get known, get accepted and have a real good time.

101 Damnations / fetish
Next 0n 4th January - check with manager of 'leather and lace' Drummond Street Edinburgh.
Just starting - music gothic - attendance went down after equipment stopped appearing - the guy that owned it moved South!! Contact the Manager if you have any to rent, buy or to lend. Otherwise come to the gothic nights and meet the same people heheh.

Screw The Roses, Send Me The Thorns (13/12/97)

Limited UK supply now available.

The much acclaimed book Screw The Roses, Send Me The Thorns (Philip Miller and Molly Devon) is now available in limited quantities from top reviewer Mikezb. The cost is £20 + £5 p&p (£1 off for Postal Orders). If you are seriously interested in getting hold of a copy you should mail as soon as possible.

Reviews of this book are available in the Rags n Mags section.

No Sex Please We're British (25/10/97)

An article about C&E taken from uk.people.bdsm by Douglas Reay and submitted here by MikeZB.

I just had a very interesting telephone conversation with Mr. Jeff Potts of H.M. Customs & Excise. It seems the UK customs officers use a very specific definition of "obscene". Would you like to know what your guardians have deemed is liable to deprave or corrupt you? "Any sexual act".

Apparently they have decided any photograph OR DRAWING that includes "witnessable intercourse" (ie an erect penis visably entering a vagina) is deemed to be a danger to this nation's moral health. How on earth did depiction of a natural act get to be illegal? For good measure they have defined all types of bondage and whipping to be sexual acts too.

How comforting to know that some people still live in 1876.

Whiplash moves to Wednesdays (24/8/97)

10th September - Adrenalin Vilage, Sopwith Way, Just south of Chelsea Bridge.

Due to popular demand (although how popular I'm unsure!) Whiplash's regular event will now be on Wednesdays at the usual location. Call 0468 958 102 if you require any further information!

Details available in
Stamping Ground as usual.

Customs and Excise seizures (17/5/97)

Here follows a post from the
uk.people.bdsm newsgroup in it's entirety. It contains some very important information and anyone considering importing publications/magazines from abroad should read it before sending any money.

The story goes this way......
Finally 8/9th were the planned dates for the 2 day trial with regards to my opposition to the seizure of a single copy of Secret Magazine which I ordered from Brussels.

The trial lasted *1* day and I nor my witnesses were permitted to give evidence in the defence of why we believed the magazine was *not* obscene and therefore not liable to deprave and corrupt. The initial part was that the Customs officer did not take her statutory duty in deciding that the magazine was seized legally. She basically agreed to what was said ... The magistrates left the court and returned to say she seized it legally!! (errr!)

The second part was that the counsel for the Crown decided to issue relevant parties with a 30 page list of previous case law. One part which thwarted out defence was that you can give evidence to defend yourself *but* you cannot make reference to anything else whatsoever wheather it be available either here or anywhere else! The basics are that when that little piece of paper flutters in an envelope through your door from C&E it means, yes, you can oppose the seizure but *no* you may not give evidence so you *cannot* win. Now what was that about a natural course of justice in being allowed to defend yourself??

The counsel for the Crown bullied the magistrates that if they did anything he said they should not do then he would 'case stated' each individual thing. Of course the magistrates being upstanding people do not want to risk the challenge so did everything they were told. They IMHO did not proceed in a correct, legal and just manner in conducting the case. They ruled that the seizure was just after looking at the mag in private for 10minutes, err, when a single page of text would take 5/10 minutes to read and they only had one copy between the three of them!! I suppose you could call it, short, sharp and certainly offensive in that the people are supposed to uphold justice for all of us blatantly bowed to pressure and showed they had decided that whatever happened the seizure would be deemed correct which was detected in the way we were treated like dirt from the start!.....I despair and have to admit that my feelings towards the judicial system and Customs & Excise have shown that they are merely biased and work in collusion .... the transcript will prove my words to be correct!!

This is not the end of the case by any means so I'll keep people informed on the situation as it proceeds. I intend to put the transcript, (yes all of the trial was logged!!) of the proceedings in whole on my web homepage once is is confirmed to be correct and also the case law that took precidence. What has amazed me is that I am the first person to ever question a seizure since 1954 and yet anything upto 50,000(!) AFAIK of those little forms wend their way 'every' year to people throughout the UK.

Anyone who wishes to email me on this subject is welcome to.
(whois now poorer to the tune of oodles of cash but will not stop till that glossy mag finally gets in his hands!!)

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