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You may have noticed that throughout Fetish-Net UK there are little comments stating "No commercial ads" followed by a link to this page. That's because if you would like advertise a product, shop or other commercial venture then you will either need to sponsor us or take out a proper advert.


If you sponsor this site you will be included in our "Personal Services" area whereby we place an advertisement of around 15 lines of text, a banner, a few hotlinks, contact details etc.

The "Personal Services" area is the page people see before they get to the regular non-commercial links page and is divided up into sections. New sections can be added to accommodate your service if necessary.

We do not intend to host more than 20 Personal Service ads at any one time. Cost per ad 30 per year.
Mail if you are interested in sponsoring Fetish-Net in this way.

Commercial Advert.

A commercial advert may be placed on this site in the form of a one or two page advert/website (supplied by you or designed by us) and may contain hotlinks to your own commercial sites if you have any. You will also be included in the "Personal Services" area as described above and will have use of up to 3 rubbermail addresses.

Cost per commercial 150 per year for 1 page and 30 per page thereafter.
Mail if you would like Fetish-Net to host an advert/website for you.

Other Site Services.

We are also able to offer various other WWW and Internet services at highly competitive rates.
Domain Name Registration
Web Site Design and Hosting
Mail Feeds
Sub Domain Service (

Mail for details.

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