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Rubber Mail.

Sometimes giving out your e-mail address isn't practical. For example: it might be a company address, you might share access with another person, or maybe you just don't want to go public about your private life. This is where the Rubber Remailer can help....

For just 15 a year you can have yourself a e-mail address!!

So how does it work? You choose an address, for example, then any mail recieved for banana will instantly be sent to your existing POP3 or SMTP mail account so you can read your rubber mail as if it were normal mail.

You will also be able to send anonymous mail using this address by using the Rubber Mail mailform on this website (you will need a password to access this page), or you could change the details on your current mail software to reflect your address (however this method may leave some telltale information in the headers).

All this will make placing anonymous ads on this site or any other site far easier and of course you also end up with a much nicer address than some ISP's provide you with.

To receive this fantastic service send a cheque for 15 made payable to PWDL to the following address:

PO Box 5046
Leighton Buzzard

It would be a good idea to e-mail us and let us know you've sent something.

Please enclose:

3 choices (in order of preference) of
A choice of password (Any combination of letters and or numbers up to 8 characters)
Your current e-mail address, and an SAE if you require a receipt.

In return we will e-mail you complete instructions for the use of the Rubber Remailer.

Refunds will not be given on suspension/withdrawal due to misuse. Use it properly or not at all!!

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