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Scanning Service.

Need you pictures scanned? Not the sort of material you'd like to take down your local bureau? Maybe we can help!

Prices are as follows:

1-2 Photographs for use in the personal and exhibitionists sections of this site - FREE.

1-5 Photographs not for use on this site - 1.50 each

6-10 Photographs not for use on this site - 1.00 each

All scans will be saved in .jpg (JPEG) format and mailed as a UUencoded message. Multiple scans will be zipped. Please specify if you wish files in other formats ie GIF, BMP etc

If you require your photographs returned to you please enclose an SAE.

If you require your photographs scanned onto disk instead of sent via e-mail please add 1 per 5 photographs to cover disks and extra postage.

If you require any further information please mail

Send your photographs to:

PO Box 5046
Leighton Buzzard

It would be a good idea to e-mail us and let us know you've sent something.

Remember to include photo's, SAE, e-mail address (not your fetish-net address if you have one), cheque (payable to PWDL) and any special requests.

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