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Fetish Scene.

There was a time when fetishes were kept within the walls of the bedroom, however, in recent years it has become more "acceptable" to parade ones desires and lusts. Unfortunately there are still the few who find any sort of deviance intolerable and the mention of the word Fetish spawns images of rubber clad perverts suffocating on oranges. A little education goes a long way....

It is almost impossible to document every possible fetish as by it's very nature a fetish can be about anything at all, so we'll stick with some of the more recognized incarnations. If you wish us to cover a specific favorites and would like to write a small description to help educate the interested then please mail it to

This resource does not pretend to be the definitive guide to fetishism but aims to provide a basic insight for those who are interested but not necessarily experienced. If you have better descriptions of the topics covered here feel free to mail them to us and we'll include them below.

There is a chat/bulletin area where ideas and experiences may be exchanged. Click here to get oral...

Latex & Leather

Latex, PVC and leather have long been the fashion choice of the fetish scene. Rubber is especially versatile and can be made into just about any item of clothing from gloves to full body suits. Superbly restrictive and easily cleaned makes rubber ideal for the messier aspects of gratification. Its distinctive odour is often enough to excite some of its worshipers.

PVC is well suited to party outfits being shiny and water resistant. Easily cleaned and always looks glamorous but is not so hard wearing as rubber or leather and may be torn or stretched when activity levels rise.

Leather makes ideal bondage equipment and restrictive apparel being virtually indestructible. Standard leather outfits are readily available from bike shops and constitutes to a large percentage of the gear worn at fetish events. Like Mastercard, leather is acceptable everywhere.

Boots, Shoes & Feet

Foot fetishism is a widely practiced activity with patrons allegedly including The Duchess of York and David Mellor. Apart from the much publicised toe sucking there are many other forms of foot worship such as stamping, foot fucking, boot polishing and heel grinding.

Most aspects involve a dominant master/mistress (often female) whose feet provide a source of gratification to a submissive party (usually male) whether this be by pain due to the foot or footwear being pressed into the body, or by pleasure through the cleaning of the foot or footwear using the tongue. The latter often involving the crushing of food between the toes or over the footwear which will cleaned orally.

Tights and stockings also play an intrinsic part of foot worship and provide good friction combined with a soft texture which makes them a favourite with foot fuckers.

The type of footwear used in foot worship is purely a personal matter, but popular choices nearly always include very high pointed heels, shiny PVC or patent leather surface, ankle or thigh length boots with some form of lace-up or buckle arrangement. "Tarty" stiletto shoes are always a good bet aswell.


Probably the first thing people think of when any one mentions bondage is an image of someone in a straight jacket being whipped around the buttocks and slapped around the face. Whilst this does indeed provide satisfaction for some people, usually it is the restrictivness of the outfit itself which provides the greater pleasure. Sometimes it can be enough just be to tied naked to a chair or bed and left in a darkened room with occasional visits and minor titillation.

A restriction placed on one of the senses is said to heighten the others which is why blindfolding, ear plugging and even partial suffocation are often practiced as part of a bondage scenario, the result being an increased sense of touch especially in the more erotic regions of the body.

When practicing any form of bondage which restricts speech it is essential to agree a signal whereby the restricted party may indicate they are in trouble or have had enough. There have been some very serious accidents caused by not practicing basic safety.

Exhibitionism & Voyeurism

Exhibitionism manifests itself in many ways from streaking and flashing to having sex in public places. The objective however is the same, and that is to be seen.

Most people will be guilty of some mild form of exhibitionism, usually by wearing something quite revealing to a party or club. Many people take this one step further, perhaps by going out in public without underwear and a short skirt or by getting down to some heavy groping on the back seat of a bus. Sex in a park on a summers day is also not as uncommon as it may first appear and the very existence of nudist camps and beaches in the UK proves that we are not quite as reserved as we think we are. Of course naturalists will say that they do it to be free of clothing, but almost certainly there are exhibitionists lurking among their number.

There are of course those who prefer to be a little less discreet and it is not uncommon, especially at scene events, for people to get completely naked, wank in public or for couples to openly fuck each other (sometimes inviting others to participate).

While the exhibitionists are exhibiting, there are those who are watching, the voyeurs. For some, seeing people naked or engaging in sexual activity is better than doing it themselves. Many voyeurs prefer not to be seen and may take unusual measures to be discreet in classic "Peeping Tom" fashion. Others prefer to watch their partner being seduced by a third party and it is by no means unheard of for a man to be either present or within earshot of his partner having sex with another person but not to actually take part except by masturbation.

Of course there has always been the "Readers Wives" type of exhibitionism which is currently enjoying a surge in popularity due to the accessibility of the Internet


Sub-Dom fetishism is closely linked to most other topics covered here, but none more so than S&M (sadomasochism). The submissive party will almost certainly enjoy receiving some degree of pain from the dominant person.

A dominatrix may take charge of more than one slave at a time and punishment in the form of whipping, spanking, stamping and genital humiliation may be used as chastisement for misbehaviour. A submissive may also be required to perform acts of sexual gratification on the dominant and may include acts that might not normally form part of their sexual diet.

For some, this sort of relationship is a way of life and the roles are carried on into the day to day routine. For the novice however it is said that to be a good dom you need to have been a good sub so be prepared to learn.


Although not strictly limited to, sports generally refers to watersports. For some this practice is sickening, but for others it forms part of their normal sexual behaviour. Being urinated on is one of the most submissive things a person can do and will often be practiced in Sub-Dom relationships.

Watersports can also take the form of knickers/pant wetting, public urinating for pleasure and diaper/nappy wetting. The feel of warm urine soaking clothing is very often gratifying and can also provide a great deal of stimulation for a voyeur.

Of course watersports aren't always as complicated as this and may simply take the form of a golden shower with some piss drinking thrown in for good measure. This is not as unhygienic as it may sound as a healthy persons urine is bacterially sterile and many well known personalities have admitted to being partial to a glass of urine first thing in the morning.


A uniform usually indicates a position of authority so the thought of having sex with someone in uniform is inherently naughty. It not only gives the wearer a feeling of power but also the other person may feel that they are inflicting power over the authoritarian figure.

Popular uniforms that attract include Armed Forces, Police, Traffic Warden, Nun, Priest and Nurse. Also well received is the American Cop uniform which tends to be a favourite among gay/bi men as does the British soldier uniform. All these uniforms can be enhanced significantly when reproduced in rubber, leather or PVC.

A final mention must go to that old favourite, the French Maids' outfit which I suspect has more outings than all the others put together.

(Article by loopee)

An afficenardo of smoking can be turned on by it in a number of ways. Often just the sight of someone smoking in an every day situation, can be enough to arouse the smoking fetishist.

Often though, the act of smoking will be incorporated into the sex act itself, either by the fetishist themselves or, by their partner.

The pleasure may come from watching their partner exhaling smoke, exhaling smoke themselves on their partner or even acting as a human ashtray.

The smoking fetish can also be linked to most other fetishes including, uniform, bondage, S&M voyeurism and others.

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